reFresh Offers a New Pricing Structure – Come Play!

I want to ensure that shoppers have access to a constantly changing inventory, as well as give customers exposure to savings in addition to the current 70% off retail model. So, I am instituting an inventory rotation model typical of other consignment/resale shops. Tags are marked with color-coded labels that indicate that an item is 20%, 40% or 60% off the marked price. This information is also entered into the POS system so there is no confusion. No code indicates that the item has only recently joined the reFresh inventory. Signs are placed throughout the store as a reminder of what the tags mean.


This becomes a bit of a game for customers. “Do I dare wait for this item to be marked down?” It’s like gambling only your odds of winning are 100% better regardless of whether you decide to buy now or risk losing it to another customer. Come play!


2 thoughts on “reFresh Offers a New Pricing Structure – Come Play!

  1. Hello: I’m sorry but I have been looking for an email area for your boutique, but could not find one. I would like to know is you are accepting any new items at this time. I live in Lake Stevens and thought I could send you some pictures of the items I have that I would like to sell. They include a Red leather jacket from Nordstrom’s, a Red Boiled Wool jacket from Eddie Bauer and some items from Cold Creek. hope to hear from you soon. Thanks, Linda


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