Who is reFresh Boutique

Scott Freshman and Kylie Sabra purchased reFresh Boutique and took over operations on January 26, 2016. reFresh Boutique is uniquely positioned as a one-of-a kind upscale women’s fashion resale shop located in the heart of Everett’s Historic District at 2829 Wetmore Avenue. reFresh is like a beautiful dowager countess — wrapped in finery, but her nail polish is a bit chipped.

The Lounge1
The Boutique Lounge is the perfect place to relax while you or someone you love shops. Enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and take a much needed break in your day.

The first thing people comment on when they enter the store is how it smells. Their eyes light up with surprise. “It smells so good!” Having a rather over-sensitive sense of smell herself,  Kylie is determined that it never ever have that “thrift shop smell.” And indeed, reFresh Boutique is not a thrift shop. You will find higher-end clothing that has been meticulously curated. Most items in the store look new, as clothing that shows signs of wear are not accepted.

Gold and silver mirrors adorn the walls. Crystal chandeliers cast dazzling light. The clothes are arranged by type and size, then color to make finding your own special treasures that much easier. The floor space is open, airy and inviting.

071216 Feeling The Blues Display
Dress (Reversible), Size S/M, $24.00 Blue Blouse (rear view) by Kamarov, Size M, $45.00 Scarf $3.50 Gold Evening Bag by Style & Co., $18.00


Toward Back



5 thoughts on “Who is reFresh Boutique

  1. Cannot reach the store via the phone number below… ☺ please let me know if there is another number to contact you with.



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