Store Policies


Pricing is based upon a 70% discount off of non-discounted retail price. The owner is the final authority on pricing. All sale or discounted items are entered into the register. Occasionally a price tag may be incorrect. I had a denim jacket priced at $0. I also had a dress priced at $2160.00 instead of $21.60. (facepalms) As you can imagine, I am as unlikely to sell an item for zero dollars as I am that dress for $2160!


We do not engage in bait and switch activities. However, errors can occur in tagging, as can tampering. The POS (point of sale) system is the final authority in pricing. If the POS does not show that the item is discounted it will not be sold that day. It will be retagged and returned to the inventory the next day. The legality of our policy is as follows:


There are no returns or refunds.  Please check your items carefully for fit and quality before leaving.


Keep small dogs on a leash and close by your side. Please do not allow them to wander under the clothing racks. Large dogs need to be kept outside, either with a shopping buddy or tied up. There are reasons why we may choose not to allow a dog in the store at one time or another. Please respect our decision.


We are using numbered dressing room tags.  The tags are also for your protection.  They ensure the store does not lose items, but they also protect you from any misunderstandings. Check that the tag(s) you are given match the number of items you are taking into the room. Do not take this policy as a personal insult, as we must apply this policy to everyone. We do not profile. One out of 11 shoppers shoplift. That is a staggering figure. Help us protect our livelihood.

1.  Maximum of 12 items in a dressing room at one time. Rather than leaving the dressing room, adding and returning items, please ask for my help.

2. Please return all items to the front desk along with the numbered tag(s) you were given. The front desk keeps a record of how many items to expect.